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Koyote The Blind

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What if you can activate in your own body energies so ancient that they carry the awareness and memories of creation?

Imagine these energies can form a mesh that serve

as a receiver and holder of supreme consciousness.

Imagine further that you can make of your mind and body an antenna that can attract and communicate the consciousness of infinity.

Put all this together and you have the technique not

only for encountering power, but also to hold that

power safely and to use it to call to you the supreme consciousness of infinity. To what end? Ultimately, this technique is to become able to act, to accomplish in this lifetime all that you came here to do. It is the power of magick activated by the awareness of the supreme consciousness lying dormant behind all your

experiences and all your dreams.

Become able to do, to perform acts of power, and to manifest a lifetime proper of your innermost divine Self.

This is the path of Kriya, the work of Intent, and the manifestation of higher genius.

This intensive will enable you to execute that which your pure, sacred intent demands. It will activate in you the magical force and will show you the ancient techniques for becoming a proper receptacle and spiritual dynamo to accomplish the aims of your lifetime.

This intensive are five days of intense training. Do not sign up if you expect to be doing something else at the same time.

It is an accomplishment that normally takes a lifetime to achieve. The effect will be evident right away, and the power will transform your life.

The investment is of $3500. It includes shelter and food. You will stay at my home, and the training will continue during sleep. It is an experience packed with esoteric teachings not available elsewhere.

Sign up only if you are ready to access the most effective and powerful magick, and only if you are ready to have the best tool for accomplishing your aims in this incarnation.

While the investment of $3500 is already low, and the space is extremely limited, I will give a deep discount for those who act now.

This is the method of action, and those who already know this is for them will not hesitate. If you are such a person who does what must be done now, I will bring the cost down to $2,300. All you need to do is send a non-refundable registration fee of $500.

But you have to sign up before December 10 to get this deep discount! This offer ends once the first 20 people have signed up. Register now.

$500 will hold a space for you, and you have until the beginning of the intensive to pay the rest.

For those who want to make a one time payment right now, I will bring the price down even further to $1800.

After December 10, the price goes up to $3500. Act now.

Register by following the appropriate link below:

One time payment at the Act Now low price, send $1800 to:
Non-refundable registration fee at the Act Now low price, send $500:

Remember, those reserving their spot with $500 and paying the rest later will be paying a total of $2300 if they register before December 10 (a discount of $1200).

Those paying $1800 before December 10th will have a deep discount of $1700

If you need a different arrangement, or if you have other questions, write to me at

Is this all there is?


Most people live trapped by the mechanical nature of the mind, slaves to the emotional whims of their attractions and repulsions, and encased within the limits of the flesh. Their lives are a prison throughout their organic sojourn.


To make matters worse, there are those who actively seek to enslave the masses, taking advantage of their mechanical nature, their fears, and their ignorance. These would-be "masters" are also slaves, slaves to their own proclivities, insecurities, hungers, and ignorance. They create economic systems, institutions, and religions designed to control others and keep the majority of humans asleep, trapped in a dream of unending struggle, hopelessness, and dependency.


The battle for freedom must be fought at all levels.


Every person must be able to seek a life that enables the exercise of their sacred charge, their Pure Will. This includes the ability to learn, create, and live in accordance with one's Dharma. This is an external aim towards liberty, the creation of a world where each person can live and thus contribute their uniqueness to humanity.


But freedom is more than the external laws and conditions. Of what value are social laws if our mind is in bondage through ignorance, compulsion, and lack of self-control?


Freedom requires an inner revolution, as well. Every person, to be free, must engage in the revolutionary act of knowing and mastering themselves; this way, every act, thought, emotion, and perception may be under the direction and will of the Holy Sun, the God within. Thus, every aspect of the person becomes an instrument of God.


Freedom is revolution. Revolution is evolution. Evolution is Dharma. Dharma is action under Will.


There are technologies available to attain this freedom, to fight this battle against restriction and hypnosis, to free oneself and help others. These technologies are both ancient and new. I have been charged with making these available.


We, at Xicoco Shamanic Arts, offer a series of workshops, intensives, publications, videos, and lectures designed to train the aspirant in the technologies of awakening and freedom. These tools and techniques, along with the philosophy, sacred art, and teachings of Koyote the Blind, are a gift for humanity and offered for the greater glory of the Absolute.


Stay tuned to this page for the upcoming offerings, events, and publications.

An exiled Salvadoran performance artist working in a disciplined, improvisational art form known as The Telling, inspired by drifters who told crazy stories to the children in the small towns of El Salvador. He has developed the Telling into a form that provokes in its audience uncommon emotions, strange cognitions, and ways of seeing the self that are not easily defined.


Having studied philosophy at the graduate level, He approaches his art of The Telling in the spirit of the ancient philosophical tradition, disarming the mind and the personality in such a way as to release the being from the domination of habitual thought.


Koyote has been performing The Telling weekly in Southern California since 2005, in addition to appearances in Virginia; Pennsylvania; San Francisco; Berkeley; Santa Fe; Oakland; Santa Cruz; Grass Valley; Venice; Mexico City; Sao Paulo; and San Salvador. Koyote’s Telling also has a presence online with a small but regular international audience, and has been featured in non-commercial radio and cable TV community programs.


Koyote the Blind is an initiate of the A .'. A .'. where he runs the Ox And None Clerkhouse.

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