Koyote the Blind

Salvadore√Īo in exile. Poet. Artist. Performer. Writer.
Tata Nkisi of Palo Mayombe.
A Nahual walking the path of the infinite.
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Aka Dua Intro Course

(Free Course)

The Aka Dua ‚ĄĘ is a force, or energy, that can be transmitted for people to use as an
instrument of help to their will. In this Mini Course, Koyote walks you through the Path of Attainment & Spiritual System of the Aka Dua. 

After this Course, you will have learned the origin of the Aka Dua, how it is different than other energy systems, and the practical use of it in spiritual & daily life.




(Free E-Book)

New Age Manifestation is watered down and devoid of real magick, in this easy to read & apply ebook, you will learn the practical method for writing goals that bring all parts of you together to manifest the life you truly desire. 



Everyday Sorcery for the Closet Magician

(Free Masterclass)

In this masterclass, you will learn to apply Magickal Principles in your ordinary life to awaken a magickal relationship with the universe that leads to transformation of Character & Life that is in alignment with our Destiny



I'm Koyote,


a Toltec Shaman that began my training among the volcanoes and jungles of El Salvador, where the revolutionary dreams of a just and good world framed my spiritual aspirations.

While pursuing my Jesuit education and volunteering to create and lead a literacy program for the children of war refugees, I trained in Tantra Yoga and Western Mysticism during my adolescence, until I was forced into exile when
targeted by that troubled country’s death squads.

In 1985, I fled to the USA, where I obtained political asylum and, eventually, my citizenship. I then took on the role of a householder and raised a family, worked full
time, and pursued my graduate and post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences at UCSD and Santa Clara University. My worldly obligations did not stop my spiritual pursuits. I was initiated in Kriya Yoga and Magick while fulfilling my duties as
a householder...

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"Dreaming is the Great Key,  and Koyote's lessons in flying will take you there. I recommend his book highly and will suggest it to anyone who asks me a question on the subject - his answers & mine will be the same."

- E.J. Gold

"Koyote has been my benefactor since 2016 and has helped me overcome many obstacles, align to my Dharma and actualize my potential in this lifetime. He's the Real Deal."

- Coyote Menor

"Working with Koyote has been a truly transformative experience. A s a student of Koyote's I have also had many encounters with him in the Dreaming, and these have felt more "real" to me than many other experiences I've had. He is a True Shaman and Coyote, one who guides us through the borders that separate the worlds to help us meet our destinies"

- Michelle Doughtery, University Professor

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