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Ox and None  Clerk House of the A∴A∴

"My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one; are not they the Ox, and none by the Book?"

The Book of the Law, 1:48


When one speaks of the A.'.A.'., one can be speaking of two very different things.  On one level, the A.'.A.'. is that sempiternal intelligence that has been guiding humanity towards evolution.  This inner circle of Adepts have provided humanity with the great spiritual works or legominisms that have triggered the growth and awakening of consciousness in the historical development of the human psyche.  These are the works of avatars and hidden masters incarnating to advance the cause of human evolution, as well as the tireless workers who give their lives to this single aim.  


On another level, the A.'.A.'. is an organization founded by Aleister Crowley early last century designed to provide humanity with the tools of scientific illuminism.  It was intended by Crowley that the tools, libris, and methods of this organization be freely available to all of humanity, so that anyone may make use of it for their own evolution and, if so they chose, for aiding humanity through their own lives and their own efforts.


Any organization, group, or person claiming a connection to the A.'.A.'. can only connect you to the external and temporal A.'.A.'.  Connecting with the sempiternal A.'.A.'. is a process of self initiation and no one in this plane can give that to you. Any group claiming to be the A.'.A.'., regardless of how legitimate and how effective it is, can only provide you with the training and resources of the external, temporal A.'.A.'.  Initiation is an internal process between you and the true A.'.A.'..


While Aleister Crowley was the head of the external organization called the A.'.A.'., it has since splintered into many other branches claiming to have a link to the sempiternal A.'.A.'.  We provide here a partial list of branches of the A.'.A.'. for your investigation and research.  We cannot determine for you which one, if any, is legitimate or even good for you.  All we can do is present the links for you to research.  We firmly believe that every person who desires liberation and truth is guided throughout their lives to the opportunities necessary for their development.  Regardless of what anyone else might think, or what credentials or authority they may claim, you will be attracted to the experiences necessary for your own path.  In that respect, we are no better than any other branch.  You will be naturally attracted to the A.'.A.'. branch that best fits the path of your inner star.  In that spirit, we provide the following links for your edification and research.


Our branch of the Order is run by the Ox And None Clerk House. We work with the Clerk House model and adhere to the three degree system of the Hermit, the Lover, and the man of Earth degrees described in the Book Of The Law.


We are not currently accepting applications for membership.


For more information on our branch of the A.'.A.'., write to:

PO Box 5272

Riverside CA 92517 

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