About Koyote

Salvadore√Īo in exile.

Poet. Artist. Writer

Tata Nkisi of Palo Mayombe.

A Nahual walking the path of the infinite.



Koyote is a Toltec Shaman who began his training among the volcanoes and jungles of
El Salvador, where the revolutionary dreams of a just and good world framed his
spiritual aspirations. While pursuing his Jesuit education and volunteering to create and
lead a literacy program for the children of war refugees, Koyote trained in Tantra Yoga
and Western Mysticism during his adolescence, until he was forced into exile when
targeted by that troubled country’s death squads.
In 1985, Koyote fled to the USA, where he obtained political asylum and, eventually, his
citizenship. He then took on the role of a householder and raised a family, worked full
time, and pursued his graduate and post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Cognitive
Sciences at UCSD and Santa Clara University. His worldly obligations did not stop his
spiritual pursuits. He was initiated in Kriya Yoga and Magick while fulfilling his duties as
a householder.
In 1995, he was initiated by his Yaqui-Lacandon benefactor into the Toltec tradition and
the Path of the Infinite. Koyote was acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the
elder Nahual, Teczaki G√ľitame Cachora.

He developed a Toltec improvisational performance art called The Telling, a mystical
inducing experience known to affect and transform the listener through a direct and
unmediated experience.

He works both for humanity, but also against the status quo of this current world.

He is a holder of different traditions: Tantra, Yoga, Magic, The Path of the Nagual, Mayombe, The Brujo.

Teachings & Traditions

Koyote teaches a variety of Esoteric & Occult traditions from the lineages he has been initiated into. 


Toltec Shamanism & Sorcery




Intiatied into a Shiavic Tantra lineage at age 15, Koyote provides authentic teachings in Sexual Alchemy, Sex Magick, and Yoga


A classically trained magician, Koyote operates a clerk house in the tradition of the A.A. and offers magickal training in the western tradition

Palo Mayombe

A Tata Nkisi in the African Lineage of Mayombe, Koyote operates a Palo temple and provides training

Social Justice

A exiled refuge from El Salvador, Koyote is of the few spiritual teachers that promotes social justice as a path to manifest the evolution of humanity

Ways to Work with Koyote

Counseling & Consultations

Koyote offers a variety of 1on1 sessions. His most popular is the Path of Destiny reading which focuses on your unique Dharma & Purpose in this lifetime


Book Consultation

Workshops & Classes

Intiatied into a Shiavic Tantra lineage at age 15, Koyote provides authentic teachings in Sexual Alchemy, Sex Magick, and Yoga

Coming Soon

Tuesday Night Live Streamed Class

Koyote Hosts a weekly free class on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm pst via YouTube Live. Topics range from Magickal Theory, Sorcery & Social Justice



Read Koyote's Books

Koyote is a published author of over 10 books including topics on Dreaming, Astral Voyaging, Magick, Poetry, and Shamanism


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