The Aka Dua ™ is a force, or energy, that can be transmitted for people to use as an
instrument of help to their will. If the idea of Reiki comes to mind, I can understand why, but I
would say it is more like what Usui originally intended when he taught Reiki than what it has
become. The Aka Dua ™ is a force that is connected to a path of attainment, a particular
manifestation of the magickal force.

What it does? Some use it for healing, others to imbuetheir artistic creations. I see it producing a slow alchemical fire that leads those who use it further into their own paths. I called it “Aka Dua”, for three reasons.

When I presented it, it
reminded me of the result of years working with the mantra Crowley gives from the Stele.
Second, the translation Crowley gives as “unity uttermost shown” seemed to speak to a hidden
quality of the energy flowing through. And finally, because in Urdu that name means “Lord’s prayer.”  

The truth is that the Aka Dua ™ is how I have been experiencing the universal force of
the presence of the divine since I was a child. It has saved my life, guided me, and produced
works of wonders for me. It is the emanation of my HGA. After my training with the Nahual, I
found it to be the emanation of the what my benefactor called “the ring of power.” During the
events that the Toltec Survivor(a book of mine) recounts, I found a method for transmitting this energy particle
and have it become an intimate part of the recipient’s life and being. I liked the fact that once
released, it was not mine but became part their own path. 


What is the Aka Dua? 

In the simplest of terms, the Aka Dua ™ is a subtle physical substance capable of making
profound changes on the material plane. It is a complete system of spiritual attainment offered
for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere. It encompasses the transmission of energy, teaching
methods for its use and experimentation, and initiation processes.

In a larger sense, the Aka Dua ™ is a particle that exists on both this plane and the higher
worlds. It is physical but it is not of the density of this physicality. It is of a more subtle nature. It is the origin of all things.

When you receive the transmission, you receive a particle of
primordial matter. And this particle is lodged in your heart and begins to produce in you a
blessing. It resides in a secret center behind the heart. It begins to produce a catalytic effect by
which karma is burnt and by which the process of evolution in your spiritual path is accelerated.

Even if you don’t do anything with it, the Aka Dua™ is producing these effects. It brings change,
a lot of change, in your life. You can engage with it consciously to bring all the things that you
need for your spiritual progress to your path. You can also consciously use it for the well-being
of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


Frequencies of The Aka Dua

There are seven basic frequencies of the Aka Dua ™. Every person who receives the Aka
Dua ™ usually has an affinity to one of them, sometimes two and sometimes more. Typically,
there is one frequency that is the strongest one. When you receive a Level II Attunement, you
obtain all seven frequencies.
In no particular order, the frequencies are: Solar (including Jaguar subtype), Lunar,
Atmospheric, Volcanic, Oceanic, Obsidian, and Unnamed. The Jaguar and the Solar are
different. They are both technically solar energy but they are used differently.


The Aka Dua ™ initiation has five different levels. There are actually seven possible
levels, but not on this planet. The first three levels are easily accessible to you as you are. In
order to attain levels four and five, you have to attain a certain degree of spiritual evolution.
At first, when the Aka Dua ™ is transmitted to you during level one, you are
somewhat limited because you don’t know what’s happening and you don’t know what is going
to happen. But the Aka Dua ™ does begin to transform you. It affects the energy field around
you. It gives you an energy and a force. It’s truly a magikcal force. Thelemic magicians call it the
93 current. And it allows you to perform magick, lower and higher. It gives you access to that
force that can make things happen.

During level two, your access to this force is amplified and aligned to the different
frequencies in which the Aka Dua ™ moves. It’s like getting access to the colors of the rainbow
and with those you can paint all manifestations of light and creation.
Then in level three, all of your existence becomes infused with this force. Level three
gives you both the authority and the knowledge to bless others with levels one and two by
passing it on to others. But when you get to the level four, you begin to become conscious of
your parallel lives. You begin a process that begins to consciously to transform your lifetime
from beginning to end, awakening the entire lifetime. And the ability to contact parallel lives is
yours. Level four gives you the knowledge and skill to transmit level one and attune levels two,
three and four. The Aka Dua ™ becomes multidimensional as it grows, even though you’re not
aware of it at first.


Transmissions & Workshops

There are many practioner's who can give you level's 1-3. Currently I only have a handful of direct students who can give level 4 and that requires a 5 day intensive in order to bring you into a dimension and state where it is transmittable. The Level 5 requires years of training in order to be capable of receiving it.

As of 2024, I am releasing a new standard of Aka Dua Workshops & a Curriculum which far surpasses anything I've taught about The Aka Dua to date.

We will be making the new Level 1 workshop available in May of 2024 and Level 2 & 3 later in the year. 

Any purchase of my Aka Dua Workshops will include the transmission or attunement necessary for it facilitated by one of my direct long time students.

If you would like personal 1on1 training with the Aka Dua, please send an email to [email protected] and we will get in touch.