Free Aka Dua™ Intro Course

Can Magick Really be Taught to Anyone? 


Free Aka Dua™ Intro Course


Since 2007, when the Aka Dua™ was released, thousands of individuals have been initiated into this Magickal System.


The Aka Dua™ is a force that is connected to the path of attainment; it is a particular manifestation of the magickal force that Esoteric and Mystery Schools utilized and kept secret for aeons.


Some use it for healing; others, to imbue their artistic creations with spiritual power. 

The possibilities are endless...

In this 8 Part Mini Course, Koyote shares in detail the complete system of spiritual development and attainment utilizing the Aka Dua™.


Here is just a small snippet of what you will learn inside:


  •  The origin of the Aka Dua™ and its relationship to ancient esoteric schools

  •  How the Aka Dua™ can be utilized in spiritual practice and daily life

  •  The Aka Dua™ as an evolutionary tool for building the 7 energetic bodies

  •  The frequencies and directions of the Aka Dua™

  •  How the Aka Dua™ amplifies all other energetic systems and practices

  •  The path and levels of Aka Dua™ mastery

Aka Dua Intro Course 

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