Awaken the Magickal Force of the Aka Dua

Amplify your Subtle Energy, Learn Practical Magick & Healing Techniques, and Receive the Powerful Force directly from the Source


Level 1 In-Person Workshop

Sat & Sun, April 27th & 28th, 9am - 2pm

Laguna Hills, California

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For Healers, Spiritual Seekers & Magickal Practioners

The Aka Dua is the Magickal Force that manifests from the Unity of All Things. 

1000s of Mystics, Shamans, Psychics and Healers have used this force as an Evolutionary Tool to transform their life, burn karma, and align their life with their true purpose & reason for incarnation.

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What is the Aka Dua™ ?


The Aka Dua™ is a subtle physical substance capable of making
profound changes on the material plane. It is a complete system of spiritual attainment offered
for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere. It encompasses the transmission of energy, teaching
methods for its use and experimentation, and initiation processes.

In a larger sense, the Aka Dua ™ is a particle that exists on both this plane and the higher
worlds. It is physical but it is not of the density of this physicality. It is of a more subtle nature. It
is the origin of all things. When you receive the transmission, you receive a particle of
primordial matter. And this particle is lodged in your heart and begins to produce in you a
blessing. It resides in a secret center behind the heart. It begins to produce a catalytic effect by
which karma is burnt and by which the process of evolution in your spiritual path is accelerated.
Even if you don’t do anything with it, the Aka Dua™ is producing these effects. It brings change,
a lot of change, in your life. You can engage with it consciously to bring all the things that you
need for your spiritual progress to your path. You can also consciously use it for the well-being
of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is also similar to the force that moves the needle in a compass. It points you to true
north. It becomes that compass. Every time you use the Aka Dua ™, you magnetize it more. And
you not only burn your own karma, you become more and more aligned to the direction of your
own evolution. The Aka Dua ™ is not just an energy. In fact, it is actually the opposite, because
all phenomena is energy and all nature is energy. The Aka Dua ™ has an energetic
manifestation, but the energy you will feel is just the emanation of the Aka Dua ™. The Aka
Dua™ itself is a particle of consciousness.

You Are Invited to...

Transform Your Life, Empower Your Energy & Wield Real Magick with the Aka Dua

In the Level 1 Aka Dua Workshop, you will learn:

  • Practical & Simple Techniques for Real Energy Healing with the Aka Dua
  • How to sense & utilize Auric Emanations & Merma Streams
  • How the Aka Dua Accelerates Evolution & Spiritual Development
  • The True Principles of Polarity
  • How to perform a simple, yet effective, Energy Body Massage for healing & purification of yourself & others.

In This 2-Day Workshop...

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Koyote will give you the Level 1 Aka Dua Transmission and train you in how to use it for your own healing & spiritual practice.

  • You will learn 5 basic practices and how to tap into the powerful & unique frequencies contained within the Aka Dua.
  • How to utilize the Aka Dua for Consciously Creating your World & Dreaming.
  • How to work with the Aka Dua Yantra for Lucid Dreaming, Meditation & training your Attention.

Hear from Aka Dua Practitioners


This Workshop Is For You If

  • You are looking to work with a real, tangible & transformative Energy System.
  • You want to learn Real Magick & Consciously Create your outer & inner worlds.
  • You have a desire to Evolve & Grow Spiritually, and are tired of the new age misinformation.

Meet Koyote


Koyote is a Toltec Shaman who began his training among the volcanoes and jungles of El Salvador, where the revolutionary dreams of a just and good world framed his spiritual aspirations. While pursuing his Jesuit education and volunteering to create and lead a literacy program for the children of war refugees, Koyote trained in Tantra Yoga and Western Mysticism during his adolescence, until he was forced into exile when targeted by that troubled country’s death squads.
In 1985, Koyote fled to the USA, where he obtained political asylum and, eventually, his citizenship. He then took on the role of a householder and raised a family, worked full time, and pursued his graduate and post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences at UCSD and Santa Clara University. His worldly obligations did not stop his spiritual pursuits. He was initiated in Kriya Yoga and Magick while fulfilling his duties as a householder.
In 1995, he was initiated by his Yaqui-Lacandon benefactor into the Toltec tradition and the Path of the Infinite. Koyote was acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the elder Nahual, Teczaki Güitame Cachora.

He is a holder of different traditions: Tantra, Yoga, Magick, The Path of the Nagual, Mayombe, The Brujo.

In 2007, he released the Aka Dua to the world and by 2012, over a 1000 people had received the Aka Dua.

Now, over 15 years later, he is releasing a complete system of attainment utilizing the Aka Dua and other magickal esoteric systems.

I was lucky to be among the first group of students to receive the Aka Dua from Koyote. I remember how it felt that day when it “landed” in me: like a little dot of vibrating love. I didn’t know then how profoundly that small seed would grow and how my life would be forever changed by it. Here I am sixteen years later and I am still learning and growing in my work with
it; in how it is so much more than a healing tool."

- Pilar Gamboa

One month after having received the Level 1, my abilities with subtle energies had increased by an order of magnitude – 10 times stronger. This was far more progress in one month than I had made the previous 12 years or so, working with qi as both an acupuncturist and a martial artist. Needless to say, this got my attention.

-Dr Arlan Cage, Golden Eagle

"I had a tumultuous life as a spiritual seeker, testing the waters and finding it tepid at many turns, until I was led to the Aka Dua. The key thing for me is that the focus of the work is not about structuring your will and desire, and molding you to fit within another person’s template of understanding. With the Aka Dua, the process that you flow through as your focus is driven inward, nurtures the truth of who you are, and reveals everything that is not in alignment or resonance with that truth.

- Phyllis Douglas

Transform Your Life with the Aka Dua

Join us in Laguna Hills, CA at Awakenings Center for Conscious Living on

Saturday, April 27th & Sunday, April 28th

9AM to 2PM

Level 1 In-Person Workshop + Transmission


Sat & Sun, April 27th & 28th in Laguna Hills, CA