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Aka Dua

The Aka Dua is a complete system of spiritual attainment offered for the benefit of humanity. It encompasses the transmission of energy, teaching methods for its use and experimentation, and initiation processes.

Koyote is currently training small groups of Level IV initiates, who are now able to offer instructions and training for Level I-III practitioners. We will be sharing a comprehensive list of websites and other contact information about these initiates soon. 


If you a Level IV initiate and would like to be listed in our website as a reference, please send us your profile and information, along with a picture you’d like us to use, at


Also, if you are interested in learning more about the Aka Dua, receive a transmission, or receive healing services, we can provide referrals based on your geographical location and needs. Just write to us at 


Finally, Xicoco Shamanic Arts offers Aka Dua healing and prayers free of charge, for all beings everywhere. These services can be done in person or remotely. Write to us with your request at

Koyote the Blind

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