Mastering The Game of Life

Discover the Ancient Methods of Magick to Manifest a Life in Accordance to Higher Purpose. 


 Trigger the Magick of Manifesting a

Life of Purpose


 Life is a game.

You can become a winning player, and even the director who determines how it unfolds. Learn how to make choices that increase your enjoyment of the game, the character arch, and how to trigger the bonus content and hidden treasures awaiting the expert player.


Receive expert guidance, in person, from a master of the Toltec tradition, on how to discover higher purpose and how to align yourself to that source of power to unfold around you a life of epic depth and marvels.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn age-old techniques for discovering the divine purpose of your incarnation, and the mystical and magical methods used by masters to transform their lives and even their societies.
You came to this lifetime with a divine purpose, and that purpose is much bigger than anything you or I can conceive. Your true will and the Will of the Infinite are truly One Will. To align our aims and goals to this One Will is to tap into the source of indomitable power that creates a universe. 
In this course, you will learn how to discern this higher purpose. The first problem with all the techniques of manifestation (aside from the sad fact that everyone repeats wrong information and partial techniques that do not work) is that they pretend to teach you how to manifest the life you want, but no one teaches you how to discover the true hidden desires behind your heart. By the time you try all the techniques for manifesting, your mind is already cluttered with someone else’s desires, with the goals others want you to accomplish.
Koyote will guide through proven techniques to discover your divine purpose and tap into that vast power.
But there is more. Most techniques for goal setting, manifestation, sorcery, and magick rely on partial information and misguided information about the laws of the universe. In this course, you will learn the actual, undiluted techniques for manifesting a life worth living. 

These are the hidden techniques of the Magi, the Toltec, and the esoteric traditions of the aeons. 


Course Description

When you have a true Soul desire and this desire is not blocked, then you can manifest it very quickly. If it's your dharma to manifest something, you will accomplish it as soon as you stop blocking yourself. 

Your Dharma is the divine will that took incarnation to help you evolve, and through your path help those around you and even humanity to evolve.

The problem is most of us have many false desires. We want things that don’t come from us. 

They’ve been implanted by society. We have very smart people with very loud voices implanting their wants and desires on us, and it takes us further from our core. 
This course is designed to empower every participant to do three things:

1. Identify your pure will, that innermost desire which is the seed of all you desire.
2. Discover the time-tested techniques of magicians & shamans to mold Reality to higher intent.
3. Remove limiting obstacles and conditioning that come from the world, and align all your resources to the fulfillment of your divine purpose.
What sets this course apart, is that it’s tailored to the individual which yields the strongest results. You have a unique blueprint and purpose, and my work is to successfully help you identify it and manifest it in the world. 
To know who you are, to trust yourself, to love yourself, and then do what you came here to do. The  answer is not in a teacher or system. It’s in you! 
This course will help with that regard. It’s a process where, in the end, you will know something about yourself that you didn’t know before. This knowledge is tied to what you are here to manifest in this lifetime. 
With this knowledge as the baseline, you will be given the tools used and taught by the Great Initiates of the Inner Circle of Humanity to guide humans in the present evolutionary cycle.

Course Logistics



  • (8) 3 hour sessions from the live workshop.


  • Includes Homework, Self Hypnosis Induction, and Aka Dua Yantra

This Course is for you if...

  • You are fed up with New Age Manifestation Techniques & "Positive Thinking"
  • You want to learn how to detoxify yourself from everyone else's opinion.
  • You want to learn the true shamanic method of manifesting and aligning the energetic worlds to manifest in your favor
  • You want to learn how to remove obstacles and conditioning from your world and align your recourses to fulfill your purpose
A Nahual walking the path of the infinite

I'm Koyote

Exiled from El Salvador, I have worked in Philosophy, Poetry, Art, Shamanism, Magick, and Mysticism.

Once upon a time I worked in Marketing & Market Research and saw first hand how corporations shape the dream of the world.  

As a result, we find in our field of consciousness many competing aims and goals, each one trying to lodge itself into our values, our perceptions, and our actions as if they were our own. They want us to identify with their purpose, and we do for the most part.

Buried in this noise from the mob, is the true will. The purpose for your incarnation, the glorious plot of your movie, becomes muted in the chaos of so much noise. There has to be a way to cleanse ourselves from this pollution, to clear the voice of the mob to find the inner voice, the one who incarnated into this lifetime to reflect in a unique way the universal will.


With this course, its techniques & exercises, we will move into a current of true manifestation in alignment with out Will and Purpose in this Lifetime

 Mastering the Game of Life

Self Paced Course


One Time Payment


Online Course + 4 1 on 1 sessions with Koyote


2 payments of $1500