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Koyote The Blind

Path of Destiny Interpretation

I have been asked to share this tool with more people. It is a valuable tool for the spiritual warrior, because it allows us to better understand the path of our destiny, where we are, and where we are headed.

This is an involved analysis of your astrological birth chart to understand the blue print of your destiny, aided by the tools of tarot to understand where you are and your surroundings in your unique path of life, and illuminated by an I Ching reading.

The objective is to provide you with a powerfully insightful reading into your path of destiny and the process of your attainment of the Great Work.

As you know, I will be providing you with useful insight beyond mere technical or intuitive reading. It is a rather direct view of your own trajectory in this lifetime.

Given the complex and involved nature of this reading, I can only offer a few of them every month, and I will only do this for a limited time, since I will put a lot of time and reflection into each one.

The cost for a reading is $250. It includes a face to face meeting (Skype if you cannot meet in person) and a recording of the session.

To secure a reading this month, send me an email at with your birth data (exact time and place), full name, and a picture of yourself.

You can send payment through PayPal at the link below, bring cash if you're local, or mail payment to the following PO Box.


Xicoco Shamanic Arts
PO Box 5272
Riverside, CA 92517


I will take requests on a first come, first served basis. As soon as your payment is received, you will receive an estimated time of completion. Remember, each reading will take involvement and careful reflection. Please be patient.

In the bonds of the Work,


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