Path of Destiny Interpretation 

This is an involved analysis of your astrological birth chart to understand the blue print of your destiny.
I will be providing you with useful insight beyond mere technical or intuitive reading.
It is a rather direct view of your own trajectory in this lifetime.


You will walk away knowing where you are at and what you will need to do to manifest your Dharma in this lifetime.



Top features

  • 1:1 Consultation
  • Actionable Shamanic Insight
  • Become aware of unknown obstacles blocking your path
  • Clear guidance to actualize & fulfill one's Dharma 

Client Feedback

Krasimir Tsankov 

(International Supermodel)

There is no words to describe what I felt during my path of destiny interpretation with Koyote. But if I tried would be as if he took me on this adventure into the depths of my being where I was exposed to a triad of an ignition force (the interpretation), an oxidizing agent (Koyote) and a fuel force (my intent) resulting to the lighting of the eternal flame that will guide me through the pathless land of the unknown.

While he was reading the chart I felt these currents going through the chaos in my body connecting and aligning all the dots, evaporating all questions, concerns and doubts I had prior to that moment. To finish it off Koyote sprinkled (the salt bae style) some clarity, sense of direction, confidence and motivation to never let that flame be extinguished.

Thank God I turned out with a pretty face because I had to somehow make a living since I am missing all that air on my chart. But don’t worry Koyote made sure to provide me with the necessary substance to keep that flame burning, so once I am done being a super model I can make a living elsewhere. Aho!

Katie Byron

(Art Director & Production Designer )

More than a natal chart reading, the PODI’s offer the council of one of the kindest teachers of mysticism and philosophy that I have ever met. I’ve had 2 readings over the past 7 years and each time Koyote sat with me and saw where I was struggling and succeeding with great empathy and encouragement. Getting to be seen in this way feels healing in and of itself and but the readings also sent me on my way me with a blanket of confidence to keep moving along the path with conviction.

I began to embrace the parts of myself that I had been fighting. I’ve been empowered and inspired by Koyote’s council to discover ultimate wisdom in my own way and in my own language. Free of dogma and judgment, the work feels integrative, uniquely personal and offers a deep higher level insight; an ongoing collection of puzzle pieces to snap into place.

Pilar Gamboa


Grandmother & Retired School Nurse

I have experienced two Path of Destiny readings with Koyote. The first time he showed
me what felt like the map of my life. Here’s where the story started. It was like the first draft of a script, still room for so many possibilities and growth. I saw where I get stuck and where I can fly. The next time we met was a few years later and I since I was now familiar with the territory, I could see that I had made some progress on my path and it was becoming easier to move with a degree of grace instead of stumbling. Now, about 3 years later I’ve scheduled my next P.O.D.I. Some might think, why? You’re an old lady now, will you even have enough time to do anything? To me, any time is the right time.

My biggest adventure is yet to come and I want to be as ready as I can be!

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