Workshop & Course Library

Below is a list of past courses available for purchase and announcements for upcoming workshops & intensives. If you are new to Koyote's & Xicoco's work, we recommend starting with the Foundational Magick Courses that provide accessible understanding & practice into our body of work.


A collection of ebooks & audios from Koyote's Library of Teachings

Banishment MP3 Download

A Digital Artifact of the LBRP being performed by Koyote with Accompanying music by Juan Carlos Mendizabal

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Foundational Magick Workshops

These primary workshops are perfect for new or advanced spiritual & magickal practitioners. You are welcome to take them self-paced or with a tutor for a additional charge. Average workshop is 3-6 hours

Banishment Workshop

Learn Western Magick's most known & least understood magickal ritual. In this two day workshop Koyote & Jenny will lead you through a in-depth understanding of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in Theory & Practice.

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Candle Magick Workshop

In this 3 hour workshop, Koyote will be teaching you how to use the candle flame for Meditation, Divination, Remote Viewing, and "Making Shit Happen".

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Foundational Magick & Shamanic Courses

Multi week in depth courses that focus on a specific topic & area of spiritual & magickal practice 

Mastering the Game of Life Course

Trigger the Magick of Manifesting a Life of Purpose.

In this 4 week course, Koyote shares age old techniques for discovering the divine purpose of your incarnation and magickal methods for real manifestation.

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