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When Hueman, the third incarnation of the Plumed Serpent, realized the great civilization of the Americas was coming to an end, he took steps to preserve the Dharma. He collected all the knowledge of the Toltecs, the Western Mysteries, and recorded them in one tome called Teomoxtli, or The Book of Divinity.

Most consider this tome lost, but it is available to those who can read its treasures.

Teomoxtli contains the technologies and principles for becoming a receptor of Gnosis and to develop the faculties you were meant to have in order to fulfill your sacred charge in this incarnation.

I am releasing the contents of this knowledge, this sacred technologies that lead humans to awaken to their divine potential.

One issue will arrive to you every week in PDF format. Each issue will contain the theory and the practice necessary to direct your self initiation into this sacred path, and will provide the technology for transforming your body and mind into a receptor of divine knowledge that will awaken the Truth within your heart, and thus fulfill the divine flower stored in your flesh.

The first issue ships the first week of January. You can subscribe for a year or a quarter, and you will receive one manuscript to be read and studied that week.

The annual subscription is $100. Or you can sign up for one quarter for $25.


Send your annual or quarterly subscription to:

Xicoco Shamanic Arts
PO Box 5272
Riverside, CA 92517

Or, submit payment through PayPal at the link below. Be sure to include your full name and shipping address.

Any questions can be directed to Koyote at

Orders within the United States

Annual Subscription

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Quarter Subscription

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