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The Golden Flower

The Golden Flower is available now!


This book is the result of 40 years of practice, training and intense work under a shaivic tantric tradition, a Toltec shamanic lineage, and various esoteric schools of the Western Mysteries.


The Golden Flower is a practical as well as a scholarly work, delivered in a poetic prose designed to be clear and illuminating to the conscious mind, but also triggering an awakening factor in the subconscious mind that will enable the practitioner to achieve high levels of consciousness, maze brightness, and abilities to voyage and experience the higher dimensions. It is much more than an interesting read, it is a tool designed to provide clear and definite abilities and changes in the reader.


The reader will learn to:


- Dream more vividly and masterfully

- Use their enhanced dreaming to seek answers, guidance, enjoyment, and breakthroughs in their waking life and spiritual path

- Develop an etheric body in which they can travel any where on the face of the world

- Develop a Body Of Light which can detach fully from the physical body and which can be used to fly to higher planes of existence

- Techniques for the development of the ability to move even in the physical body through other worlds

- The awakening of the psychic senses to perceive and interact with the infinite invisible world around


This book is bound in a beautiful hard cover you will want to proudly display in your library as a collector's item.


The cover itself contains a symbol proven to function as a gateway to other planes as well as to the dreaming.


Only 333 hard-cover units were printed.


Order your numbered and signed copy by clicking the appropriate link below.


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$50.00 + $3.75 tax

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International Purchase

$50.00 + $3.75 tax + $14.00 Shipping

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